24/7 Media didn't start in a garage. The company grew out of a media shop, representing television stations. We had seen how cable television advertising had taken off and I thought that Internet advertising was going to grow the same way. We began by representing Web sites to advertisers. In 1996, there were only about 30 million Internet users, but the number was doubling every year.

Because advertisers were used to big audiences, we partnered with a technology company to link Web sites together. That was our epiphany. Not the network - we ported that idea over from television. The epiphany was that marketing would become a digital, data-driven business. The advertiser or the publisher with the best digital software would have a strategic advantage, so that's what we set out to provide. We're data engineers that happen to be focused on digital media.

// Our digital technology reaches roughly half of all Internet users every 48 hours. //

We launched 24/7 Media with $10 million in venture capital and went public in 1998. We had no profits, which made us typical of the first-generation dot-coms. But we kept growing, and were bought by WPP in 2007. Now our digital marketing technology is ubiquitous. Our digital technology reaches roughly half of all Internet users every 48 hours. What we know about digital media audiences is incredibly valuable to advertisers, and digital publishers, even before you get to what we can do for them.

There’s much talk these days, in every industry, that "data is everything," and there’s a lot of truth to that.  However, I believe that the intangibles count for a lot too, and our work with brand marketers confirms that.  We named our company 24/7 Media because clients want that kind of service. They're trusting the future of their brands to our technology and service, and we never forget it.

David J. Moore

Chairman and CEO, 24/7 Media


CEO David J. Moore